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Wasfiyah Talib

Wasfiyah Talib



Wasfiyah Talib is an Indonesian-Arab American born in Singapore and a Westchester native for 40+ years. Building a successful 27-year career in public service with the Westchester County government, she started out as a social worker and public transportation specialist while earning her degree in communications/public relations and an MBA in marketing. She worked her way up to the highest level of county government at the Westchester County Executive’s office to become a Director of Community Relations.   

    After being a renter and at times working three jobs raising her son as a single parent, Wasfiyah got married and, together with her husband, saved enough from their public sector salaries for a small down payment on their first home in Westchester. “I’ll never forget it. It was the closing from hell!” she said. Two days before the closing, the bank suddenly withdrew their commitment. The couple scrambled to give the purchase one last try. Although a novice at that time, she struck a new deal directly with the underwriter, bypassing their mortgage broker, and within a day and a half landed their dream home as scheduled. It was learning the business from the ground up.

    She went on to lead the building of a successful real estate business, buying six more properties and managing them independently. Soon after, other people sought her help to buy, sell and manage their own properties. After 22 years, Wasfiyah took a break from real estate transactions to become a language teacher and travel the world, first teaching at the local community college in Westchester, then on to universities overseas.   

    Wasfiyah has returned to New York and real estate, this time as a licensed agent, to use her experiences and skills to help others achieve their real estate goals. She is intimately familiar with almost all parts of Westchester from her Westchester County job, real estate dealings and raising a family in different Westchester towns. This knowledge of Westchester is critical in successfully navigating the real estate process for you. 

    Helping family members and close friends realize their big goals in life comes easily to her. It is second nature to Wasfiyah to work closely with you to help you achieve your goal, whether it be buying your first home or selling your property at the best price.  

     Wasfiyah is the ultimate coach and guide to the real estate process – from that first step all the way through closing and beyond. Her social work and customer service training ensures her ability to be patient and to actively listen to you to understand exactly what you want and need. She also teaches college to immigrants eager to live the American Dream. Wasfiyah brings that same attentiveness, support and advocacy to get clients what they truly want and deserve.   

     Her entrepreneurial spirit, professional management experience and strategic planning skills are the fundamentals of her relationship building with her clients. She is a strategic planner and will take that extra step ahead of you to help you along in your real estate undertaking. She takes the time to explain the complete process, answer all questions and make sure your experience is stress-free and successful. Every client receives the same amount of time and dedication from Wasfiyah, whether it be a co-op apartment or multi-million dollar house.  

    “In all my real estate dealings, I’ve only used one realtor,” Wasfiyah said. “Why? Trust. My agent never once failed me. She was always one step ahead, ready to assist. I am ready now to be your agent. Let me work hard to earn your trust and get you what you want done.”

     Besides English, Wasfiyah speaks Malay and Indonesian fluently and loves learning languages such as Spanish and Turkish. She travels the world, dabbling in food and photography in her leisure. She has a son and stepdaughter, and lives in Port Chester, New York with her husband.